Property Letting

We have vast experience in selling and leasing all kinds of property i.e. commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural property. We are registered and licensed by the Estate Agents Registration Board to practice professional estate agency.
As Registered Estate Agents we offer the following services:

Lease Negotiation

We negotiate, on behalf of property owners, with potential tenants and achieve rental terms that are suitable and beneficial to our clients’ requirements. Thereafter we shall execute Letters of Offer on their behalf. Upon signing of Letters of Offer we will ensure that the tenants execute formal Leases. This will be done in consultation with the clients’ Advocates. In so doing we will peruse the Leases to further ensure that the documents place our clients in the best contractual position.

Rent Reviews, Lease Renewals and Re-Lettings

We will affect rent reviews, lease renewals and re-lettings as they fall due by maintaining renewal diaries and appropriate tenancy schedules. We will also, prior to carrying out the reviews or re -lettings, advise you on the obtaining letting terms and conditions during the review by way of valuation or rental assessments or in simple market reports that will enable you be updated on the performance of your property

Handover/ Takeover of Premises

We shall prepare accurate Inventory Schedules for purposes of handing/ taking over of premises upon execution or determination of tenancy with the tenants. In so doing we will ensure that the conditions of the premises remain tenantable prior to occupation. Should there be need for any fit – outs we will liaise with you together with your appointed Architects or Engineers to approve the same.

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