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What are they?

Land rates are taxes that are payable to the county government on the value of land, buildings and
structures that are situated on the land. The rate varies from one county government to another and is
usually calculated as a percentage of the property’s market value. This is usually payable annually,
failure of which results in penalties and legal action.

Land rent is a fee that is paid by tenants to landowners for the use of land. The land rent can be
negotiated between the landowners and the tenant. Depending on the agreement this is can be paid
monthly or yearly basis. The rate for land rent can vary depending on factors such as the location of the
land, the size and the intended use.

In Kenya, both land rates and land rents are governed by the Land Act of 2012. The rates and rents are
usually determined by the relevant authorities and are subject to periodic reviews.
It is important to note that land ownership is governed by the Land Registration Act of 2012 which
requires all parcels of land to be registered with the Kenyan Government. Failure to do so might and can
result in legal disputes over ownership and may affect the payment of land rates and rent.

Land rates payment options

Though the government is adopting online methods to streamline payment and delivery of services, landowners can use other land rates payment options.

Apart from using the online payment platform, you can also pay using:

County government cash office. This is the oldest payment option. It is used by most countries across the country. When using this option, make sure you are given a receipt and that the payment is done in the right way.

Bank deposit it the other payment option you can use. With this option, you can make an interbank transfer or deposit directly to the county government bank account. If you choose this option, make sure to indicate the correct account details.
You should be able to find the account name, branch name, and account number of your county on their individual websites.

Online payment option. This is the most convenient option for both land rent and land rates payment. You are required to register for the service before using it. Those in Nairobi can register using their mobile phone or using the county’s online portal.
How to pay your land rates online in Nairobi
To pay your land rates online in Nairobi, you will first need to register with e-jiji payment service. You can do this through Nairobi county online portal or using the USSD *217# on your phone.

After registering on the online payment platform:

i) Log into your account
ii) Find the land search option by clicking on the ministry of land and urban housing
iii) You will be prompted to enter your title number. Complete the form and submit it

iv) Confirm your details and make the payment for the required amount
v) If the payment is successful, you will have the option of printing the payment slip.

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