Dear Tenants, KRA To Conduct Data Collection Exercise On Rental Properties In Nairobi County

  • 4 months ago
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On a notice sent out to the public, published in one of the dailies, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) stated that ”KRA will undertake a data collection exercise on rental properties within Nairobi City County and the Nairobi Metropolis as part of its tax base expansion program from Wednesday 19th October 2022.

KRA officers conducting the exercise will identify themselves using KRA staff identification cards which can be verified by dialing the USSD code *572#, through the KRA M-services App, or using KRA Thibitisha which is hosted on the KRA website.

Members of the public are requested to cooperate and provide the information required during the exercise.”

The exercise is seen by many as KRA’s new move to try and carb tax cheats and ensure every Kenyan is paying their taxes by counter-checking with their records.

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